Working with Realtors


Your Pivotal Role

If you already strive to offer your clients service that ‘goes above and beyond,’ then you know how important those extra touches can be. Many affluent clients seek service that excels, demanding top value and superior service from their agents. As a broker, you are uniquely positioned to help your clients recognize a high value opportunity at the time they are selling their home. Offering the exceptional philanthropic option of the Legacy Property Fund can set you apart and give you a distinctive edge in the market.


A New Option, New Opportunities

Today, few sellers realize the opportunity that is in their hands at the time they are selling their homes.  Using monies otherwise lost to capital gains and income taxes, you can show your clients how to generate meaningful charitable gifts at no cost. Once clients see how the transaction could work for them, many find the opportunity to be compelling.


The Legacy Property Fund offers the highest levels of tax benefits for charitable giving.  By donating the property prior to sale, your clients can realize savings of at least 3% of the value of the home – savings which can be used for charitable impact. With vacation homes, even greater tax benefits mean that greater impacts are possible. Put another way, with the Legacy Property Fund, you can help your clients to create high impact gifts to charities they care most about at no cost to themselves.


Working Together

KCT is here to assist you. We provide the expertise and the non-profit standing to make these transactions successful. Our simple, hassle-free services are tailored to provide the seamless experience your clients prefer.  We know the importance of your relationship with your sellers, and we provide the flexible, responsive service you need to get the deal done.


Working closely with you, we can help in delivering a winning strategy and superior service. Call us any time we might help you with one of your important clients.