Pennypack Greenway


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The Pennypack Greenway is a wooded oasis in a highly built-out setting at the margins of Philadelphia. Encompassing three protected areas within both Philadelphia and Montgomery counties (the Pennypack Park, Lorimer Park, and the Pennypack Preserve), the Pennypack watershed houses over 2600 acres of publicly accessible protected lands. Conservation challenges for the Pennypack include determining how to best manage the existing resources as well as enhancing the future potential of this ten-mile long greenway.

In Pennypack, KCT is working with stakeholders to forge a more effective urban-suburban alliance among local organizations. This effort is focusing on how best to build from the distinct and varied strengths of collaborating organizations in the academic, scientific, utility, and conservation communities while working to draw in new partners, the municipalities of the Pennypack. Strengthening the alliance of Pennypack partners is being addressed with an eye toward future success across a range of outcomes including trail design, resource planning, as well as increased political and funding support.