Conservancy of Southwest Florida


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One of the most distinctive and recognizable ecosystems on the planet, the Florida Everglades epitomizes the fragility of natural habitats threatened by the development pressures. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has long been a leader in the protection of Everglades habitat and is well respected for its leadership in scientific research, policy initiatives, and education. For four decades, the Conservancy has protected critical environmental areas, educated the public and government decisionmakers, and conducted new research into wetlands ecology and restoration.

Although an established, mature organization, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida is challenging the way it does business, seeking more effective means to better achieve its mission. The Conservancy engaged KCT to improve its operations by adopting a new business planning approach to integrate its environmental mission with a performance based method for success, one which would ensure that its members and donors would be able to measure the results of their investments. KCT assisted the Conservancy in developing a mission-driven business plan with explicit performance measurement elements to address their strategic priority to save the Everglades.