BucksMont Highlands


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Running from the Pennsylvania-Maryland border to northern Connecticut, the four-state Highlands region is a federally designated target for land conservation efforts. Within Pennsylvania, the Highlands landscape in northern Montgomery and Bucks counties is a conservation area of extensive and varied terrain, covering an area of 196,000 acres. Encompassing stony cliffs, scenic riverways, key wildlife habitat sites, game lands, parks as well as farms, the BucksMont Highlands offers many scenic and ecological values. This area, so rich in natural resources and recreational opportunities, is threatened by intensifying development pressures from both the New York and Philadelphia metropolitan areas.

KCT's work in the BucksMont Highlands is facilitating a landscape conservation effort in its formative stages, focused on leveraging the energy and resources of the area's conservation stakeholders. Defining a shared vision, developing focus, identifying the universe of stakeholders, even addressing basic operating functions such as data management and communications, are all being tackled as part of the effort to build more unified institutional conservation capacity to achieve greater conservation impact.