Legacy Property Fund Overview


Growing Conservation Philanthropy


Keystone Conservation Trust works with individuals and families to maximize their charitable returns and legacy by unlocking the value of their home for the benefit of philanthropy and the saving of our treasured natural and cultural places. Property owners donate part or all of their property a ("Legacy Property") into KCT's Legacy Property Fund, receiving an immediate and substantial income and estate tax benefit. Once the donor decides to move out of the property, proceeds generated from the sale are then re-distributed to philanthropic causes and high-impact conservation projects of the donor's desire. If the donor wishes, KCT can also protect the donated property from any future development. And, if the donor chooses to accumulate some or all of the proceeds in the Legacy Property Fund for conservation acquistions, then KCT pools the proceeds with contributions from like-minded donors, foundations and public agencies so that critical conservation projects receive funding at precisely the right time and place. The charitable impact accomplished is far larger than the donor could achieve individually.


For the individual, the philanthropic value can be substantial and the tax benefits can increase an additional 15-30%, depending upon one's tax bracket and value of the property. We work with the property owner to achieve their goals the mechanism is completely donor centric. We provide real estate and conservation advice, guidance and services so that property owners (with their advisors) can explore new opportunities and tools for charitable giving. The Legacy Property Fund provides the donor with a mechanism to direct part or all of the property proceeds to benefit high-impact conservation projects.


For the professional advisor, our unique real estate service offers an innovative wealth management tool which may be particularly important to clients who are "in transition" and thinking about moving. If they will be downsizing their residence, they will likely be faced with paying substantial capital gains tax. The LPF mechanism can enable the client to make a charitable contribution through the donation of part or all of their home at the time of sale which can save them 15-30% of their charitable contribution. We work with wealth advisors and their clients to realize the highest return on philanthropy.


For the non-profit organization, we offer the ability to work with you and your donors to secure real estate gifts which you might not otherwise receive. KCT specializes in "homes for philanthropy" (although can work on any form of real estate). If a donor is thinking of moving and considering a gift, then KCT can help the non-profit organization to convert part or all of this valuable asset into a charitable contribution. KCT can either accept donations in real estate for the non-profit organization or advise the non-profit organization on how to navigate the process.


Recent Project


The Pennypack Greenway is a wooded oasis in a highly built-out setting at the margins of Philadelphia. Encompassing three protected areas within both Philadelphia and Montgomery counties (the Pennypack Park, Lorimer Park, and the Pennypack Preserve), the Pennypack watershed houses over 2600 acres of publicly accessible protected lands. Conservation challenges ...
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Featured Project

Halfmoon Corridor

A pocket of ecological treasures, the Scotia Barrens is an exceptional ecosystem of rare community types.  Many of the wildlife species which call the Scotia Barrens home would disappear from the region if the barrens habitat were lost.  Because of its close proximity to the growing community of State College, ...
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