Conservation Services


Today, more than ever before, conservation organizations are targeting the protection of large landscape areas which cut across geographic and political boundaries. These ambitious efforts call for increased collaboration, greater strategic focus, and coordination at a regional scale very different from past efforts. Effective partnerships poised to move quickly are critical for success. Equally critical is thinking strategically about resource management, new program creation, leadership development, and building the institutional capacity needed to sustain the long-run implementation of new conservation plans.


KCT is assisting conservation partnerships in the mid-Atlantic and the southeast, increasing the speed and capacity of collaborative projects, facilitating alliance development, advancing strategic planning, and helping conservation stakeholders manage the challenge of change. Our Vital Landscape Assessment Tool and Regional Landscape Process are being utilized today with Brandywine Conservancy, Heritage Conservancy, Montgomery County Lands Trust, Natural Lands Trust, Pennypack Ecological and Restoration Trust, Green Space Alliance and numerous cooperating conservation partners. KCTs facilitation services are supporting the efforts of these committed conservation organizations by:


  • Helping inspire key stakeholder networks to be engaged in the regional conservation processes
  • Advancing a systematic approach to assessing the sustainability of the landscape protection efforts
  • Capturing important ideas and prioritizing a critical path of action
  • Gathering and sharing information on best conservation practices
  • Advancing the development of Conservation Action Plans in each area


Our services work for conservation alliances anywhere across the spectrum, from new alliances chartering a course for collaboration to mature partnerships seeking new ways of implementing their conservation strategies. Our tools also work in strengthening conservation capacity regardless of the type of landscape or resource being addressed. KCT is now collaborating with local conservation organizations focusing on landscapes which include pristine habitat areas, working agricultural landscapes, watersheds, and recreational resource areas, specifically:

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Recent Project


The Pennypack Greenway is a wooded oasis in a highly built-out setting at the margins of Philadelphia. Encompassing three protected areas within both Philadelphia and Montgomery counties (the Pennypack Park, Lorimer Park, and the Pennypack Preserve), the Pennypack watershed houses over 2600 acres of publicly accessible protected lands. Conservation challenges ...
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