Who We Help



Driven by a passion to grow philanthropy and impact conservation, KCT works with private individuals, wealth advisors, non-profit organizations, foundations and government agencies to maximize philanthropic benefit and financial returns through real estate while dramatically increasing conservation success.


We serve individual philanthropists, helping them maximize their tax benefits through the sale of their home. We enable these charitable individuals to achieve higher philanthropic returns and the satisfaction which comes from providing permanent protection for their home and for important sites of beauty, critical resources, or irreplaceable heritage. Typically, we can increase a gift by 15-30% through the sale of a donor’s home.


We serve wealth advisors whose clients seek innovative, proven tools to better manage their wealth and leverage their assets. KCT specializes in charitable techniques to sell residential property and convert taxes and transaction costs into charitable gifts.


We serve non-profit organizations and community foundations who seek new forms of capital to achieve their mission. We work with organizations’ donors who are thinking of moving and are considering a gift. We can increase charitable gifts for organizations (and individuals) by 15-30% at no additional cost.


We serve conservation organizations, providing funding through the Legacy Property Fund; integrating strategic planning, conservation strategy and change management; and helping collaborative efforts grow and succeed.


We serve public agencies in their efforts to coordinate large scale landscapes and leverage their funds for the highest impact projects in an efficient and effective manner.


And we serve the conservation professionals, township officials and residents in our communities by improving access to essential expertise and information on the proven practices, tools and techniques needed for conservation success.