What we do here at Keystone Conservation Trust


 Keystone Conservation Trust is a statewide non-profit organization passionate about saving Pennsylvanias treasured places forever.


Pennsylvania s extraordinary lands and waters are in peril. Every year tens of thousands of acres are lost forever and thousands of miles of streams flow polluted through the land. Thats why we feel a sense of urgency to increase the speed and capacity of conserving the natural and cultural resources, the lands and waters which form our Common Wealth.


Our purpose is to attract and provide new funding for the great works of local, state and national conservation groups, bring together and help align those working to conserve vital, large-scale landscapes, and share the latest information and expertise so that organizations can perform at the highest level to make the greatest impact on Pennsylvanias threatened landscapes.


Keystone Conservation Trust is where philanthropy and effective action come together to achieve higher levels of conservation success. We work with all conservation groups on all kinds of conservation lands and waters.


And time is short. Our resources are too important to waste. Lets make a difference.now, not later.

Recent Project


The Pennypack Greenway is a wooded oasis in a highly built-out setting at the margins of Philadelphia. Encompassing three protected areas within both Philadelphia and Montgomery counties (the Pennypack Park, Lorimer Park, and the Pennypack Preserve), the Pennypack watershed houses over 2600 acres of publicly accessible protected lands. Conservation challenges ...
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