Mission & Goals


 Our Mission: to preserve Pennsylvanias treasured places by increasing the speed, capacity and capital of the conservation community.


Keystone Conservation Trust advances conservation statewide by increasing private capital and statewide funding, expanding the tools for conservation, and helping to raise the performance and alignment of conservation organizations. Keystone Conservation Trusts goal is to help others protect an acre of land for every acre developed.


We attract new forms of capital to preserve Pennsylvanias treasured places. We aim to grow conservation capital by pursuing those forms of capital which others are not, with tools others are not using. We help individuals and families maximize their philanthropic return through gifts of real estate which can increase their charitable gift 15-30% and leverage additional public and private funding 5 to 10 times the size of the original gift, accomplishing larger conservation goals than the donor could achieve individually. We provide an efficient market for the pooling and targeting of environmental penalties to high-impact environmental projects. We integrate market-based incentives to increase the creative capacity to solve complex environmental problems. The blend of these new and diverse funding sources offers enormous potential for conservation and high return and leverage for the private individual and family.


We expand the knowledge and availability of practical and creative conservation tools. In order to advance the conservation of large-scale conservation landscapes, we gather, assess and develop tools, techniques and practices which have proven successful in conserving complex areas. We work with those entities working on the ground to develop and refine successful practices which then are featured for the benefit and use by others. We help organizations, communities and agencies align their interests in collaborative efforts to achieve higher levels of conservation success. Working at a large landscape scale, KCT brings together multiple stakeholders within the community to plan and implement a conservation strategy. KCT integrates strategic planning, business principles and conservation planning to achieve an innovative and practical approach to helping others achieve more than each could on their own and collectively what can have a powerful impact on conservation.